Accidents Happen

Well, today was a scary day. I had my first car accident ever. I have never been involved in a car accident, let alone caused one. I can’t begin to describe how scary this was. Anyway, before I explain what happened, a little background information first…

I woke up this morning with a strange feeling. I tried to convince myself that I was being silly. I took a shower and got dressed and ready to take Isaac to the bus station. I tried to eat breakfast but couldn’t stomach my food. I had a sick feeling in my stomach for some odd reason. I told my wife about this and she dismissed it. She said if something happens she will give me $10. Although appealing this did not put my anxiety at ease.

We got into the car and started heading to the bus stop. On the way we stopped at Walmart as I needed more soda for the weekend (we have family coming over). This was all fine. We got back into the car and continued on to the bus stop, and then it happened.

I had received a call from my wife and reached over to grab my phone. My eyes were off the road for merely a second. Before I knew it, I had hit the back of the car in front.This has never happened before. I could see what was happening and could not stop it. My immediate thought was of Isaac. Was he okay? Was he injured? Turns out he was absolutely fine. A lot better than me actually.

My wife was also concerned. She heard the accident happen which must have been pretty traumatic for her. I explained we were fine and that I will sort it out and speak to her tonight.

The thing I was most concerned about was speaking to the person I had hit. I was obviously in the wrong and did not know what to say. I was very anxious and awkward about the whole situation and wished I could have made it all go away.

Luckily for me, the other driver was very polite. They had been involved in an accident earlier this year which was their fault, so they knew what I was going through. Strangely this made me a little mad as I couldn’t help but wonder how someone could be involved in two accidents so close together. And then I remembered that it was my fault.

We exchanged insurance and license details. It was all pretty straight forward and over within 10 minutes, however I am still shaking even now. I was also nervous about the judgement from other parents. We all know what kids are like and I knew Isaac would have no hesitation in telling his whole class that his daddy ran into the back of another car this morning!

My fears were justified. Within an hour of dropping Isaac off, I received a call from a very concerned teacher telling me she heard that I was involved in an accident and asking if I was okay (I wonder where she heard that from!). I told her it was nothing too serious and thanked her for her concern. I couldn’t help but think of how I was being judged. It’s probably all in my head.

Thankfully the car is drivable. It definitely looks like it has been involved in an accident. The whole trunk is bent and the lights are broken. We only have one car (my wife gets driven to work by a friend) and I had to pick up Isaac that afternoon. I was so worried about being caught by the police and thrown into jail for being a terrible driver and a terrible parent! Luck was on our side and did not get pulled over.

I organized with my insurance company to use a hire car. I feel very thankful that I paid for that. I don’t know what we would have done without one. We would have been lost with no way to get around, and where we live having a car is essential. Heck, it takes me 20 minutes to drop my son off at the bus stop.

When my wife came home we just cuddled for about 15 minutes without saying anything. There was nothing to be said. We were fine and what had happened had happened. We only need to get through it now.

Sorry if I have rambled on. I have so much nervous energy after what happened and needed to get rid of it. I am actually feeling a bit better about the whole situation. I think that writing it out has helped. Or maybe it is the glass of wine I am currently having. I can recommend both for stressful situations.

Now, I’m exhausted. I think we need another father and son trip.