Announcement – Baby Number 2!

I have an exciting announcement. Again, a bit of a shock, but an incredible one at that. Gabrielle is pregnant! Isaac will be welcoming a baby sister into the world around mid 2018.

There are a few reasons for us to be excited. Firstly, we have been discussing when to have a second child. We knew we would definitely try for a second child eventually but were not certain on when. It turns out God had a plan for us all along.

Gabrielle went to the doctor with what she thought was a simply stomach ache. She left the doctors office with a baby! Okay, so the baby was already there, but I like how this sounds. Turns out she had already been pregnant for 4 months! How this is possible I do not know. We went over the last few months to make sure she had not done anything to compromise the baby’s safety but she was as healthy as can be. Luckily for Gabrielle, she did not experience any of the morning sickness she had experienced when she was pregnant with Isaac. I guess my friends were right, it does get easier the second time! At least it did for her.

She did not quite know how to tell me. For some reason, she thought I would be disappointed. Quite the opposite! I am so excited. We found some good information to read about what to experience here.

My only (very slight) disappointment was that I had been about to buy an awesome hot tub but now that is on hold as we need the money for the baby. Maybe next year 🙂

Secondly, Isaac is at an age where he can get excited with us. He knows we are expecting a baby girl but I do not think he believes that she is inside his mom’s stomach. We decided we want to be absolutely honest with him about childbirth and where his sister has come from. We figure its better to explain it now than to dance around it in the future when the questions come. He has been so inquisitive lately.

I want to share as much time with my family as possible during this time. Consequently I do not think I will post much content from hereon. I will try and update you all as much as possible, but I do not know how I will possibly have time once the baby is born. Plus, I have a job! I am working in a local rehabilitation center helping people who have been involved in car accidents to walk again. I think having an accident myself sparked my interest in this. Although I was fine, it really put things into perspective.

I will update you all when I do get the chance. The next time you hear from me I might be welcoming you to my baby girl!