Handling Holiday Stress

I am not going to sugar coat my words. The holidays are stressful. This is actually a well known fact, and many websites have their own tips for dealing with it, such as WebMD. Sometimes the holidays are so stressful that the enjoyment completely disappears.

This is a pretty depressing fact. They are a time of the year that you can enjoy spending time together with your family. This is a time to appreciate each others company. But unfortunately they seem to have turned into a time of great stress where there is hardly time to spend together. Everyone needs a gift – this year I requested the best hunting binoculars from this guide.

and found a gun safe for my cousin from www.bestgunsafeinfo.com (which some of you will know I’ve been looking for forever!).

And there’s more. Everyone needs a card. If you are hosting a Christmas lunch or dinner the stress is even more extreme. Cooking for a group can be very stressful.

After the last holidays, I knew I needed a plan to deal with stress in the future. I have some tips for every parent out there to take the stress out of holidays and to make them enjoyable again.

First, make a list. Lists are essential for everything in life. If i did not have a list handy at all times I do not know how I would get through life. I am envious of people that manage without them but for me they are essential. There are three main things you should make a list for.

  1. Write down who you need to buy a gift for and a general idea of what to get them.
  2. Write a grocery list. If you are hosting lunch or dinner, plan your meals ahead and always buy more than you need in case someone wants seconds.
  3. Plan your day. Your time is valuable, so make a commitment to spend a certain amount of time in one place, and a certain amount of time in another.

The second thing to do is shop for gifts early. Ideally, you should shop throughout the year and tick the list off slowly. This can have many benefits as you will be more likely to buy something that person will want, rather than buying something on impulse. The gift will be more thoughtful and therefore better received.

The final thing to do is to remember why the holidays are called holidays. This should be a time of relaxation and stress relief. Do not get lost in the stress of how you will manage. If you plan appropriately, you can be confident that you will manage and there will be no reason to be stressed.

Spend this time with the people you care about. Have a laugh. Have a drink. Relax, enjoy and get into the holiday spirit!