Improving Our Health With An Air Fryer

A few weeks ago my wife called me concerned about something she’d heard at work. She said that they’d had a seminar on how the statistics on overweight Americans are the worst they’ve ever been, and that we needed to act now to protect our future and our children’s future.

For me the seminar sounded kind of preachery, but this probably comes from my own denial of the severity of the problem. It certainly did highlight some important issues. America is fat. Let’s face it.

They also introduced several easy methods each person can use to reduce their waistline without dieting to ultimately improve their overall health. One of the recommendations was a super simple thing that we can start doing straight away. It was replacing the deep fryer that we currently use (don’t judge us! Everyone in the South has one) with an air fryer.

If you haven’t heard of air fryers, where have you been!? These machines are pretty awesome and most only require a tablespoon of oil (and sometimes none at all!) to fry food. I can’t explain all the awesome features very well, but I did find a great guide that you can use to purchase the best air fryer.

It has now been a week that we have been using our air fryer, and I have to say, it has certainly made a difference. I do feel lighter and more energetic although this could also be the rush of buying a new appliance (we all know how much I enjoy that). Honestly, the food does not taste too much different from what we are used to, and in some ways it tastes even better. We had become accustomed to wiping dripping oil off of our food and using napkins to clean up the mess which certainly wasn’t fun.

It also makes me feel better that Isaac isn’t going to grow up consuming the same amount of oil as we did. This is something I worried about when he was born. I think it’s the hardest thing in the world to change the human mind, particularly as we get older, so I’m happy that we are introducing some healthy habits early on.