Isaac 2012 – Welcoming Isaac To The World

In May of 2012, we welcomed a very special person into our lives. Our son Isaac was born and our lives became richer because of him.

My wife Gabriella and I married in June 2010, and made no secret of the fact that we wanted a family. There was no urgency for this to happen, but we both knew we wanted it to happen, and so we never officially tried for a baby. We just decided that when it is right, it will happen.

And it did. We found out in August of 2011 that Gabriella was pregnant, and the whole family was thrilled. This was to be the third grandchild for our parents, and already having two grandsons.

Gabriella had a rough pregnancy and was actually sick for most of the nine months. Do not believe people when they say “morning sickness”. It was just sickness. Constantly. I hope what a friend said about the first child being the worst is true because I would hate for her to go through this again, although I have heard the opposite from others! If it happens again we might try some of these tips.

Isaac was born right on his due date, and luckily the birth was complication free. We had all the support of our family and friends and could not have been luckier during this time.

Before Isaac was born, we had two names in mind – Jeff for a boy and Jane for a girl. We did not have a scan of the sex of the baby when Gabriella was pregnant, so we had no idea what to expect and were prepared for either.

Once we saw Isaac, we knew both names would not do. We actually waited a week until we named him Isaac, in the meantime referring to him as Bubs. That name still sticks.

As we did not know Isaac would be a boy, we had bought relatively neutral clothes, although there was a pink suit or two. I for one had no problem dressing Isaac in pink, and I found it was funny that people thought he was a girl based only on the color he was wearing. This really had me think about our preconceptions of colors and gender and has fascinated me since.

I have learned so much myself and life from becoming a parent, and I want to share that with the world. I hope we can use this space to enlighten and share our journeys with each other and I look forward to hearing from you all.