Isaac’s First Day At School

Well the time had finally arrived for my boy to head off to school. Isaac had mastered the 4 lessons before starting school on and was ready to master the world! I knew this day was coming and I had been prepared for a while. I packed a full lunch which I had never done before. I was a bit worried because I know parents can be so judgemental about what other parents feed their kids, so maybe I included peanut butter cups out of spite.

The reality hit me when the bus pulled up and he hopped on. He was just so small compared to the bus and the other kids. I felt tears coming to my eyes but smiled and pretended to be as excited as he was. Isaac was as cool as cool can be. He did not seem phased at all that this was the first time he would spend without anyone he knew!

I waited for him when he got back at the bus stop. This is actually a new experience for me as I had never waited for kids at a bus stop before. It was like a circus. The school bus drop off is located a bit far from where we live and parents gather around it. Looking for a parking spot was a nightmare. I was stressing that I wouldn’t get there in time which terrified me. I did not want Isaac waiting around for his useless father!

On the way home, I must say I had never seen a boy so excited – at least not since theĀ father and son trip we took. He had so much to tell me about his first day. It actually did sound exciting (why didn’t we have iPads when I was in school???). This continued into the night.

I have since spoken to the teacher and Isaac seems to have created quite a name for himself. He is always first to answer questions in class and quick to make friends. He sounds like the complete opposite of me. Looks like we have a lot to look forward to. At least the hardest part is over!