Quashing Misconceptions Of Stay At Home Dads

I am a stay at home Dad. With that role comes some pretty common (and annoying) misconceptions that I am ready to end once and for all. Every family is different, but these are the common misconceptions that I encounter day to day.

I watch sport all day

Yes, I have been known to watch sport. And yes, I have been known to watch it all day. But not anymore.

Like any stay at home Mom, I have responsibilities as a parent now and if anyone thinks a parents work ever ends then they must not have children themselves. These days I would be very lucky if I even had time to turn the TV on let alone watch it all day.

I must be looking for job

In fact, I am not, and I get quite embarrassed having to explain this one to people because it seems as though they feel bad for me.

Isaac’s Mom would rather be at home

I guess the problem here is the preconception that all mums are the same. My wife absolutely loves her job and that is why she has kept it. I was partial to my own job and wanted my wife to be happy doing whatever she was doing.

This has made me being a stay at home dad a perfect decision for us. Although during my my wife’s first pregnancy, she may want to stay home next time.

Mothers bond better with their child

This is one that I take to heart and I do not think is fair. Although mothers have a different bond to their children, I do not think it is fair to say that they bond better.

We are not strangers to our children and a child is better with a loving parent.


Although I am able to brush many of these comments off and see the humor in them, I think it is important to remember that some of these views can be quite damaging to our children.

I think there is more acceptance now than when I first became a stay at home dad, and people are realizing that as long as a child has a loving and happy home, that should be all that matters. If the way to provide that is for the Dad to stay home, then this should be accepted.