What I Love (And Don’t Love) About Being A Daddy

Okay, so it is time that I reveal the truth. I hate being a daddy!

Just kidding. I actually love it and it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. The love you feel for a child can not be compared to anything. But with love comes conflict, and that is undeniable. Lets be frank, there are some things that just aren’t that great about being a parent.

When I wrote misconceptions about being a stay at home dad I received loads of emails with people who felt the same. Although I would not trade being a parent for anything in the world, here is a list of 3 things I love and 3 things I don’t love about being a parent!

Things I Love About Being A Daddy

1. I love hugs

I don’t know about other parents, but when Isaac hugs me, everything is right in the world. No matter what kind of day I am having, those hugs can bring a smile to my face and warm my heart.

It is even better when they happen spontaneously. Sometimes, out of no where, I see him running towards me with arms wide open just wanting to show me he loves me. There really is nothing better in the world than that feeling.

2. I love introducing him to new things

When I see Isaac’s face when he see’s something new, I feel like I am rediscovering it myself. I saw this recently when we took a trip together.

Kids allow you to life through different eyes for a while, and can give you a different perspective on almost anything.

3. I love watching him grow

Although I continue to threaten him with the freezer, I love to see how Isaac is growing and changing through the years. At the age of four, he now gives a very different answer to questions he would before.

He is also looking more and more like my own father, and that is something that is quite amazing.

Things I Don’t Love About Being A Daddy

1. I hate not sleeping in

I miss sleep ins. I miss days where I did not have to wake up. Where I could stay in bed and no one would care if I even showered (even though it was quite depressing back then).

Now, I get waken up 6 am every morning to be reminded that I have to get someones breakfast. Thanks Isaac.

2. I hate mess

It is not Isaac’s fault that I am OCD about cleaning. I blame my mother. She could not sit still without noticing a fingerprint on the window, and unfortunately this seems to have rubbed off onto me.

It is hard to be a perfectionist with a child.

3. I hate my missing collectors coins

Although Isaac swears that I must have left them at the golf club (how???), my collectors coins have been missing for some time and I can’t help but think there is a little man that knows something more than he lets on.


With all this, there really is nothing better for me than being a father.